The development of industry in Indonesia is like a wheel that does not stop rolling. In the oil and gas sector, for example, at the Indonesian Petroleum Association Convention and Exhibition (IPA Convex 2018) with the theme “Driving Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Global Competitiveness”, the President of Republic of Indonesia reiterated the government’s commitment to improve the investment climate in oil and gas sector. For information, domestic demand for oil can reach 1.6 million barrels per day and not everything is sufficient. Definitely this becomes an attracting factor of industry development in the form of new oil and gas exploration fields in Indonesia.

In other sectors, progress movement continues. The 1,000 megawatt steam power plant (PLTU) construction continues. Construction of four shipyards in Central Java continues . Positive progress continues in various industries.

For the good progress of the industrial world in Indonesia, the various things that are needed should be easily available. One of the required industries, from oil and gas sector to power plant, is the need for pipe fitting. We are at PT Flo-Bend Indonesia feel proud to be the only fittings manufacturer in Indonesia. We can meet the industry’s need for the availability of pipe fittings in accordance with the specifications in the right period with the best quality without being compromised.

Why should you trust pipe fitting to us at PT Flo-Bend Indonesia?

First, the best manufacturing ability.

We understand that every industry has a unique need. As the only fitting manufacturer with experienced human resource, PT Flo-Bend Indonesia is ready to produce based on the specifications needed.

At PT Flo-Bend Indonesia, we can produce long and short radius elbows, reducing elbows, 3D elbows, long and short radius 180 degree return bends, straight and reducing tees, concentric and eccentric reducer and caps with standard sizes from 2″ to 24″ in all standard wall thicknesses. The material used are carbon steel, High Yield 52, Chrome Moly’s and stainless steel.

Second, product quality is guaranteed.

Everything we produce, ranging from Long Radius 90 degree Elbow to Short Radius 180 degree Return or stamp, all have a guaranteed quality.

At PT Flo-Bend Indonesia, we have various measuring and test equipment so that the products really meet the standards desired by the industry. We do dimension inspection, we also have tools like rockwell hardness tester, charpy impact tester, notch projector, cold notch cutting machine, tensile tester tool. Everything is available to guarantee the production result that is received by your industry.

Third, an ISO certified company with global experience.

PT Flo-Bend Indonesia has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 for Scope Manufacture of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Product. This certificate signifies that our company meets international standards. We are experienced in providing products for industries in various parts of the world ranging from Korea, China, Europe to the United States. Our products have a high quality related reputation.

Some of our clients include Custom Alloy Corporation, APP, IPPG (International Piping and Procurement Group), PVF, to Allied International Fittings and Flanges.

As the only steel fitting manufacturer in Indonesia, we understand that your industry is worth a lot. For that we believe that reliability, competence and excellent service are the main things to be given to you. Trust the needs of pipe fitting to PT Flo-Bend Indonesia.